profile of global commander in chief

UNPKFC -Aphinita

Ambassador Datuk Dr. Aphinita Chaichana, Global Commander in Chief of United Nations Peace Council South East Asia (UNPKFC-SEA), President of We Care for Humanity, Thailand, Founder & President at Namobuddhaya Club Foundation and World Inter-Religious Council help special International UN Peace Day 2020 Ceremony in Bangkok, Thailand on September 21, 2020.  read more

  1. UN PKFC S.E.A Center , Headquarter at Thailand ; Global Commander in Chief 

  2. International Society for Military Law and Law of War : Member of ISMLLW

  3. Founder and President of Soldiers of Peace International Association – Thailand  (SPIA Thailand)

  4. Deputy of Presidential Advisory Board of USA by Prof. Philip Jadhav

  5.  President of We Care for Humanity, WCH (THAILAND) di We Care for Humanity

  6. Director of the Research to Promote Arts and Culture Education Thai-Chinese- 

  7. ASEAN di Institute of Research and Development Economic Education THAILAND-CHINA-ASIAN

  8. Founder, Chairwoman di World Inter-Religious Council, World Religious Council

  9.  Vice President Advisory Board di Green Country 910

  10. Advisory Commitee di Pali Universityat Sihora, Nagpur

  11. Chief Executive Officer di Mother’s Home Project, Manhari Makawanpur

  12. Peace Ambassador in IWPG (International Woman’s Peace Group)

  13. Founder, President in Namobuddhaya Club – Namo Phuttha Club

  14. Honorary Consultant in Police Training Center of Thailand


International Events :

  • More than 400,000 People attend at Soul Olympic
  • Award Winner in Korea
  • Always support VIP international received and take care Deputy Sangkaraj of Bhuthan
  • Activities for Buddhist Biggest Flag Opening
  • United Geneva Swiss i m the one received Award with all President Level